PillowFolly.com is now DesignFolly.com!

PillowFolly.com is now DesignFolly.com!

With great pleasure and excitement, we're happy to announce that we'll be adopting Design Folly as our new name and we'll be expanding our product selection from our experience as designers.   It's our job to cut through the clutter and find the best for our clients, and we'll be sharing our insights with you!

We know how you like to decorate, and we'll have fabrics, area rugs, lighting, furnishings and accessories collected by yours truly.  If you like our pillows, you'll love shopping our collections - we'll do the work, curating the product to create some of our favorite looks.  All you have to do is stop in and see what we're up to! Just like a local boutique, but online and everywhere.  

It's gonna be fun - hope to see you here!

Kerry Ann and Layla

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