The Linen and Rustic Collection

Natural Flax Linen and our new rustic Ireland fabric are the basis of this collection....add some Jute drapery panels with a hand blocked pattern, and some unique PillowFolly pillows - under it all, our Mahal hand-knotted Oushak rug in Linen.  For the walls, my new Antique Urn and Roses print, complemented by a serene Live Oak scene, reminiscent of California's rolling hills.

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PillowFolly - Unique, Handmade Pillows Made in USA

Folly: a thing “extravagant and picturesque” and created in “a fanciful taste”

It’s about our passion for fabrics, and wanting to share that passion. It’s for all of us who can’t resist pretty things.  We’re a family business with a small design shop by the coast; we support jobs in small-town South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia with our original product designs. 

The bits and pieces we collect for our homes express our uniqueness, our substance, our style and our story. I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy what I've gathered here, and that our designs may become a part of your story.

All of the PillowFolly Originals are designed by us and made in our workrooms right here in the southeast. We use new and vintage fabrics, and most of the pillows are made in small numbers. The selection is ever-changing, so we encourage you to check back often.

Warmest hellos,

Kerry Ann Dame


  PillowFolly Mascot, and Quality Assurance Specialist, Hazel

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The Jane Woodward Art Collection

"Painting is my passion, one I love to share.” -Jane Woodward

Browse Jane's collection of Low Country coastal scenes and Impressionistic images of nature - we're proud and excited to welcome Jane to!  Her original oil paintings can be found at several locations around the Low Country, and she also takes commissions...


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