Not just silk, but silky-feel fabrics are found here. Check the descriptions to find out the content. A bit of shine is pretty and elegant.

Enlighten Indian Star

Beautiful deep turquoise, with tiny stars embroidered in pale gold thread, will glam...

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Gobi Exotic Satin Throw Pillow

Exotic Motifs printed on cotton with a silky satin texture; shades of aqua, cream, i...

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Silk Plaid Throw Pillow, Coral and Aqua

Beautiful large 100% silk check fabric in bright coral red, apricot-tan, and aqua, w...

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Turquoise Embroidered Vine Fabric

Rich, deep turquoise poly-silk fabric embroidered with rusty reds, rose reds, aqua a...

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Turquoise Embroidered Vine Pillow

Rich, deep turquoise poly-silk embroidered pillow with rusty reds, rose reds, aqua a...

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