About DesignFolly

For all of us who can’t resist pretty things...

Designers are always referring to travel as their inspiration...and it is, and it's so very worthwhile. Travel is a great teacher. Spending time in different cultures challenges me to get out of my comfort zone.  To see the truth, that our needs are simple - comfortable shelter, food, security, love and family.   Anything more - the beautiful things we collect, the fine furnishings we covet, are purely for our own enjoyment.   

I've been designing interiors for over twenty five years, first at Los Angeles' Indigo Seas, and since 2001 in beautiful coastal South Carolina. Along the way, I've been fortunate to spend time in far-flung places - my hometown of Newport Beach; the American West; the Shenandoah Valley; New York;  Australia; Fiji and Hawaii, Mexico, England, France, and Italy.....  

Designers are important - we help refine your style, choose quality that will last, and solve problems of all sorts. If we don't, it's just shopping-for-hire.  And so much on the market is disappointingly the same.  Obsessing over rug patterns, installing overly-fabulous draperies, or creating an enviable art collection, can seem like..... folly.  

DesignFolly.com is not a corporate "style story", or a discount knock-off site. We support local artists and furniture-makers, and create and produce our own designs.  My style includes sunny colors, Chinoiserie, glamorous fabrics, undiscovered artists, and "cheap and cheerful" creativity (like my PillowFolly designs)  mixed with fine decorative arts and furnishings. 

DesignFolly.com expresses my philosophy of wants and needs:  Shelter, Food, Security, Love? Check.   So why should we want more? Why do we decorate, collect, make, and do?  Because we can.  Because creating a beautiful life for those we care about is a form of gratitude. It's a way to give our children roots.  It's a celebration of what we've been given, and a way to express love.   

DesignFolly.com  - Fanciful, unique finds, for a home that makes you happy.  

The Follies heading on the menu features my ever-changing collections. I hope you'll enjoy exploring them!

All the Best,

Kerry Ann

and our PillowFolly mascot Hazel