About Us

Our desire to help make your home stylish, cozy, interesting, relaxing and full of personality has lead to the creation of DesignFolly.  It’s for all of us who can’t resist pretty things. 

I've been creating unique interiors for over twenty years, first at Los Angeles' Indigo Seas, and since 2001 in beautiful coastal South Carolina. A few years back, (since no matter how busy we are, there's always room for another project) we decided it was time to have some fun with product design, so we started a site called PillowFolly and began designing throw pillows. We make them all right here at our shop. Over time we've added some of our favorite fabrics, furnishings, rugs and lighting.

Everything on these pages is tried and true .....quality construction, natural fibers, handmade classics, and things proudly made in the USA. 

The bits and pieces we collect for our homes express our uniqueness, our substance, our style and our story.   From those first pillow designs to DesignFolly.com, it's been our pleasure to connect with clients all over the world. We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve gathered here, and that our designs may become a part of your story.

Warmest hellos,

Kerry Ann Dame

and the Designfolly Team:

Ariel, Eileen and Ron ....and Hazel: